While our beachfront location is most strategic
for your ultimate relaxation experience,



Koh Chang paradise island location is ideal for friends, couples, groups, and families who enjoy trekking.

There are footpaths to a number of waterfalls and one can also enjoy visiting elephant camps (such as Klong Son and the Ban Chang Thai Elephant camps) in different areas of the island. Ban Kwan Chang elephant camp opens daily from 8:30 to 11:30 am where one can enjoy a demonstration of activities including: elephant bathing, feeding, and a 1:30 hour ‘elephant trek’ into the forest.


Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

Koh Chang has a stunning variety of sea life and sub marine wonders waiting for one to explore. Visit the un-crowded and pristine diving environments where you can see a wide variety of marine life including soft corals, anemones, myriad reef fish, and sometimes eel. In addition, there are two wreck dive sites. The Koh Chang Wreck is a Thai warship sunk by the French navy in 1941. The other wreck is the Pak One Wreck which sank after hitting a coral reef in August 1996 on its way to Vietnam.



Enjoy sailing in a kayak surrounded by the view of a mountainous terrain outlined against the shiny blue sky is a memory that is meant to last a lifetime. Enjoy cruising along the waters to experience an illuminating view of fireflies especially during the cooler months (November to January).